Your Help Needed for Study of Alligator Lizard Breeding Biology

The RASCals Citizen Science Project was created to study how the ranges of various species have responded to urbanization and habitat modification. To do this, modern day citizen science records are being compared to historical distribution data from museum specimens. But photo vouchers can be used for much more than just understanding the ranges of species; photographs can also document interesting behaviors.

Right now, we are entering ALLIGATOR LIZARD MATING SEASON, and we need YOUR HELP in studying their breeding biology!

Starting as early as February, alligator lizards in our area start mating. Many people who see their courtship behavior might think it is a fight or even cannibalism, but in fact this is alligator lizard love. The male bites the female on her neck or head, and they may stay in this position for more than a day. It’s possible that they stay paired up for so long because the female is testing the strength of the male, but more research ...more ↓
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Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern California (RASCals)—The goal of this project is to improve our knowledge of native and non-native reptiles and amphibians in southern California.

Southern California is home to 22.5 million people and has experienced dramatic urbanization and habitat modification. Observations will allow us to test how the ranges of various species have ...more ↓

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