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We're running a test of using the Suggestions from the Identify tool on the observation detail pages on the web instead of the Identotron (click the button at the bottom of any obs detail page). On the plus side, you don't have to leave the page, you can look at options from observations and vision in addition to just checklists, and you get a little more info about each taxon. On the minus side, no more quirky name, can't peruse a lot of maps at once, no color filtering (not that that was really working). Mostly just posting here as a way to solicit bug reports.

Anyway, if nothing really bad turns up in a few days we'll make this the default. Holler if you find any problems.

Posted by kueda kueda, July 06, 2018 11:38 PM



This is great, thanks! All the below would also apply to the Suggestions tab on Identify.

1) The zoom in button on the "Observations / Map" taxon maps overlaps with the "toggle fullscreen view" button for me on a 15" laptop (view).

2) Visually Similar does not appear to restrict it to place, even though a place is selected. For example, there are several Spiraea species included when you select "visually similar" that do not have observations in St. Louis County, MN. I think the fix to this would be to clear out the place by default when visually similar is selected, and to actually apply the Place filter if it is re-selected manually. 2b) FWIW I also think the taxon should be cleared out by default when visually similar is selected.

3) There is a large/jarring gap between the taxon name and the "About" snippet from Wikipedia.

4) The number one reason I need to open up the full taxon page after browsing Suggestions is to view the taxonomy. Would be nice to squeeze that in underneath the taxon name in that big gap, or under the map or something.

Posted by bouteloua 9 days ago (Flag)

When you click a species from Suggestions, can it be made so that the maps are zoomable with the roller wheel of the mouse? Like elsewhere on the site? And elsewhere on the site, some places you have to hit CTRL and some places you don't. If possible, please be consistent.

Posted by pfau_tarleton 8 days ago (Flag)

hmm. the interface is way better. However, the loss of the maps makes this a LOT less useful to me. is there a way to get the maps back in there somehow? The 'places' you can filter by rarely coincide with ecoregion and being able to see say, if something mostly occurs in the Green Mountans or Champlain Valley, in wetlands or uplands, etc is super helpful. I hope you figure out a way to get the maps more prominent again.

Posted by charlie 8 days ago (Flag)

Thanks all, will take all this into consideration.

@bouteloua, can you explain *why* you want to view the taxonomy?

@pfau_tarleton, I think consistent use of the scrollwheel to zoom maps would hurt more people than it would help. Generally you don't want it to get in the way of scrolling, and Suggestions are one area where you need to scroll. If we put a taxonomic tree beneath the map, for example, it would be hard to scroll to it if the map zoomed based on the scrollwheel.

@charlie, agreed, but a) it is technically difficult to show those maps for lots of taxa (you either load 500 maps or you have to load them as you scroll to them, which we didn't manage very well on Identotron either), and b) space is limited. Joelle and I went back and forth about how to squeeze the map into the list and ended up deciding the photos were a better use of space.

Posted by kueda 7 days ago (Flag)

@kueda Cases where it seems to quite possibly be one of the listed suggestions but I'm not confident enough to select a particular one and would prefer to go the shared family, tribe, or other closest ancestor taxon.

Posted by bouteloua 7 days ago (Flag)

@kueda hmm... i mean it seems a lot less valuable without maps, i'm going to have to end up clicking through everything to see the maps each time if we keep this new format, because location matters a whole lot to ID, at least with plants. (can we have maps but just for plants?) Obviously i've got a map bias. In terms of bandwidth/data that makes sense and we just have to work with what we have, but in terms of space, i'm definitely gonna say this is a move towards more 'pretty' and less 'pragmatic'. So i'm going to say i still prefer the old format. Not a huge deal though... I don't use it super often.

Posted by charlie 7 days ago (Flag)

@kueda, on some maps, you hover over the map and can zoom with the scroll wheel. On other maps, you have to CTRL click while using the scroll wheel while hovering over the map. After clicking on a taxa from the Identify view, NEITHER method zooms the map. I find it hard to believe that having to remember which of these three methods works in each of these situations is the best approach. Especially since the entire browser window zooms if you get it wrong!

I have to admit, the maps were nice. But I think having more pictures per species is superior if one can't have both pictures and maps.

Posted by pfau_tarleton 7 days ago (Flag)

Is this why the maps are loading so durn slow, site-wide?

Posted by ellen5 7 days ago (Flag)

i dunno but that's been driving me crazy too. I think it's just scaling in general. Site is growing a little too fast to keep its features running optimally

Posted by charlie 6 days ago (Flag)

Compare is identical to the Suggestions tab in Identify mode, so I'd recommend using the same term in both places (I like Compare more than Suggestions, and that term accurately describes what one is doing in both places).

I also agree with bouteloua's item 2. It's very misleading because one thinks you're searching the selected geographic area for visually similar things. It's quite a let-down when one finds out otherwise!

Posted by pfau_tarleton 4 days ago (Flag)

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