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We end Week 7 of the iNaturalist World Tour in Lithuania. Much of the activity of the top observers is centered around the capital city of Vilnius in the southeast (@jurga_li @almantas @arunasjuknevicius @itzhak46 @siju @dominykabreimelyt @tadas_gruzinskas @gediminas). @solokultas has many observations along the Baltic Sea coast in the west while @ausrazilinskiene is focused on the area around Marijampolė. @tomasp has observations all over Lithuania and is working to translate the app into Lithuanian on CrowdIn. Thanks, @tomasp!

In general, activity peaks are in the spring and summer months. It looks like @eglemarija was responsible for some iNaturalist outreach starting in 2016 by creating some projects. Have there been any particularly successful events or outreach that contributed to any of those spikes?

There's strong overlap between the top identifiers in Lithuania and the top observers, with additional expertise coming from elsewhere in Europe. For example, @almantas is top for plants, fungi, molluscs, and other animals (closely followed by @jurga_li for fungi, who is a lichen specialist), while @ldacosta is on the top again for birds, mammals, and fish. @borisb is tops for insects, like elsewhere in Europe. @laukines_pievos, @kastani, and @leschij have made many identifications overall. @dutisdu has focused on arachnids and @tom-kirschey-nabu on reptiles and amphibians.

We saw in the forum that @tomasp would like to get Lithuanian common names imported in addition to the mobile app translation. What else can we do to get more people in Lithuania using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread.

@kamanes @entomologe @arthur_nature_guide @bernadetak @tadasblinda @juhakinnunen @kristinavalinciene

We’ll be back tomorrow with Luxembourg!

Posted by carrieseltzer carrieseltzer, August 11, 2019 16:57



It's not a huge contribution, but I added all the Lithuanian common names of fishes that were on the national checklist at Fishbase. Figured it was a safe resource as it is after all the designated taxon reference the site uses.

Posted by cmcheatle 7 days ago (Flag)

Here is safe resource for the common names in Lithuanian:
The use is a bit tricky and useful mostly for Lithuanians. To find common name, you have to click on 'kaip atitikmens', then select in the field on theright the language (lotynų k.), then write species (or genus) name in the uppermost line, then click 'ieškoti'. Note, that the names are written with accentuation marks which are not used in usual written text, so the direct copy/paste is not possible. Another thing - not all browsers will read letters with accentuation marks. Regretfully, I am rather busy at present and will not be able to contribute to language things on inat for some time coming.

Posted by jurga_li 6 days ago (Flag)

Letters with accentuation marks can be easily changed to regular letters in MS Excel or Word. If there was a way to extract a bunch of Lithuanian common names with their latin counterparts from that site, we would have a list of the most trustworthy Lithuanian common names. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that. Does anyone?

Posted by tomasp 6 days ago (Flag)

Only manually, one by one, following the instruction above. They do not provide lists.

Posted by jurga_li 6 days ago (Flag)

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