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The small but megadiverse country of Belize is the 59th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour! Activity from Belize seems to be a nice mix of residents, visitors, and academic projects. The top observer, @jmeerman, is resident near the capital of Belmopan and runs the website on Belize's biodiversity. The third top observer, the mysterious @obevan149 posted many interesting Belize moth observations last year but hasn't been recently active on iNaturalist. @annikaml is a world traveler (posting observations most recently from Uganda) with Belize observations clustered to the northeast of Belmopan. @kha is another visitor with Belize observations clustered near the beautiful Macal River south of San Ignacio. The activity near the Smithsonian Carrie Bow Cay Field Station is from a 2014 Biocube effort led by wildlife photographer extraordinaire @liittschwager with most observations in the @carriebowbiodiversity group account. @callieoldfield, a plant ecology PhD candidate at University of Georgia, recorded observations from a 2011-2013 University of the South: Sewanee Field Study in Belize class in this project. @davidsarkozi, based in Texas, las led over 30 birding trips to Belize and has observations throughout the country. Both @jsatler, a Postdoctoral Researcher at Iowa State University studying fig and fig wasp coevolution. and @dilljone, who focuses on reptiles and amphibians and whose most recent posts are from Belize, have observations clustered near the T.R.E.E.S Research Center along Hummingbird Highway. Don't miss this trip report on a Belize vacation by @lfelliott

The number of observations per month is still quite jagged which indicates that its still influenced by the randomness associated by a relatively few observers - for example, the peak in March of 2018 seems to be mostly driven by visits by @annikaml and @kha. But there has been a clear overall increase in the number of observations per month since about mid 2017 with numbers currently at around 1,000 per month.

@d_kluza is the top identifier and leads in birds, @maractwin is the second top identifier and leads in fish, top observer @jmeerman leads in insect identifications and top observer @dilljone leads in herp identifications. @adorantes, based in the Yucatan, leads in plant identifications. Many thanks to other top identifiers such as @norman-espinoza, @jbroadhead, and @joshuagsmith

What can we do to help connect this mix of residents, visitors, and academic projects in Belize to create a more robust community of Belize iNaturalists? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread

@jmeerman @annikaml @obevan149 @carriebowbiodiversity @callieoldfield @d_kluza @maractwin @norman-espinoza @jbroadhead @joshuagsmith

We’ll be back tomorrow in Ireland!

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I love to follow this World Tour, with bits of information about observers and identifiers.

Posted by annikaml 2 months ago (Flag)

I agree. This is fun to see.

Posted by sarka 2 months ago (Flag)

The link to in the second sentence needs to be fixed.

Posted by friel 2 months ago (Flag)

Thanks @friel! Fixed!

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