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It's Week 15 of the iNaturalist World Tour. This week we'll visit Cambodia in Asia, the Solomon islands and New Caledonia in the Pacific; Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba, and Saint Kitts and Nevis, and the United States Virgin Islands all in the Caribbean; and Paraguay in South America.

We begin in Cambodia. The top observer by a long shot is @geechartier who lives in south-west Cambodia and has posted nearly a quarter of all observations from the country. @jessicalowery is a top observer with observations clustered in the part of the country around the capital of Phnom Penh @myerssusan has observations throughout the northern part of the country including the popular travel destination of Angkor Wat. @lhurteau and @joshh17 also have observations clustered around Angkor Wat. @kudadivers is a diving centre and marine conservation project based on the island of Koh Sdach on the West coast of Cambodia. @fern_friend has observations clustered around Virachey National Park in the North East while @taewoo and @mark185 have observations clustered around Phnum Prech Wildlife Sanctuary in the South East. @bob080247 lives and works in North West Cambodia where he studies plant pests, weeds and beneficial insects to cropping systems. You can read about @stephane_degreef who has written a guide to the arthropods of northwest Cambodia in this Observation of the Week post.

The number of observations has ticked up substantially in 2019 which seems to be organic growth from visitors and residents.

The top identifier is @rajibmaulick based in India. @charliev leads in herp IDs, @hkmoths leads in insect IDs, @kokhuitan leads in bird IDs, @nopcoeur leads in arachnid IDs, and @ongzi leads in plant IDs.

What can we do to improve iNaturalist in Cambodia? Please share your thoughts below or on this forum thread.

@geechartier @jessicalowery @myerssusan @lhurteau @joshh17 @rajibmaulick @charliev @hkmoths @kokhuitan @nopcoeur

We’ll be back tomorrow in the Solomon Islands!

Posted by loarie loarie, September 30, 2019 18:25



Beautiful country! And the people are so nice and calm.
I went there five years ago, before my interest in wildlife truly began — I have a grand total of one observation, lol. (I'm sure if I dig deeper into my pics, there'll be at least two or three more.)
It's a pity that there aren't many observations. I'm sure there's a huge potential for species that have no observations on here.

Posted by bodofzt 18 days ago (Flag)

I spent a very short time there and it was definitely a beautiful place.

There's some local conservation / ecotourism groups, in particular Sam Veasna ( and the Cambodia Bird Guide Association ( Connecting with them could be a good opportunity, although I think they mainly cater towards tourists and visitors.

Getting more locals involved with iNaturalist and similar programs would take time, I think. But I'm sure the interest in wildlife and conservation is there.

Posted by lhurteau 18 days ago (Flag)

I still have several thousand observations to add from existing photos, as well as taking photos almost every day for new observations. It all takes time!

Posted by geechartier 18 days ago (Flag)

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