Latvia - iNaturalist World Tour

We're in Latvia for the 146th stop on the iNaturalist World Tour. Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe. It lies north of Lithuania and Belarus, south of Estonia, and west of Russia. The top 10 observers are @almantas, @juhakinnunen, @solokultas, @belyykit, @iliafes, @kraskyo, @bikinitrip, @ked, @linda619, and @marinastelte.

The number of observations per month jumped up in 2017 and again in 2019.

The top 5 identifiers are @almantas, @iliafes, @kastani, @ldacosta, and @wojtest.

What can we do to get more people in Latvia using iNaturalist? Please share your thoughts below.

@almantas @juhakinnunen @solokultas @belyykit @iliafes @kraskyo @almantas @kastani @ldacosta @wojtest

Next stop is Greenland!

Posted by loarie loarie, November 19, 2019 18:16



There would be nice to have downloadable posters about iNaturalist that could be adapted and used to inform people about it.

Posted by iliafes 22 days ago (Flag)

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