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Human (Homo sapiens) bouteloua Mon, 18 Jun 2018 22:12:35 +0000

someone keeps changing the default photo around...can we just keep it at Darwin or something?


Photos locked



Darwin is definitely the best option here.

Posted by cthawley over 2 years ago (Flag)

Though a little human diversity is sort of neat too. BTW, I did not change it!

Posted by mamestraconfigurata over 2 years ago (Flag)

I find the constant flux kind of amusing and appropriate (humans are self-conscious animals who can't even agree on what they look like), but I guess it can be a source of acrimony. Two suggestions:

1) We implement a feature that allows people who curate a taxon to prevent changes to the taxon photos by non-curators (Wikipedia does something like this for their Homo sapiens page)

2) Someone (one of you?) makes a 4- or 9-image square collage of public domain human photos that achieves the goals of a) honoring the greatest contributors to our understanding of and protection of nature (e.g. Darwin, Carson) and b) depicting the diversity of human forms, posts that image to Flickr / Wikimedia, and we can set that as the default.

Posted by kueda over 2 years ago (Flag)

somebody took Darwin off last week (Feb 2019), I put him back.

Posted by lincolndurey over 1 year ago (Flag)

It looks like this has happened again (Apr 2019), with both Darwin and Linnaeus being removed. I've re-added the two.

For what it's worth, the issue of taxon photos has also been occurring on and off throughout Hymenoptera, often with misidentified Flickr imports.

Posted by jonathan142 over 1 year ago (Flag)

There has been battle for the taxon photo again. I set the photos to Linneas, Darwin, and Wallace. I know that 3 white males may not be ideal, but they haven't been changed again.

Posted by raymie 6 months ago (Flag)

I set the default taxon photo for human to a photo of Gladys West. She is a mathematician who worked on the math and science underpinning GPS, which is a huge part of what makes iNaturalist work.

Posted by alexshepard 5 months ago (Flag)

An inspired choice. Perhaps if the photos are to be revolved, we could add Mary Anning, amateur paleontologist, to the list. Glad to see a non-white woman as the picture.

Posted by mamestraconfigurata 5 months ago (Flag)

We have made it so only staff can edit the photos for certain taxa, and have applied this to Homo sapiens and taxa with Linnean ranks (KPCOFGS ranks, so not things like subfamily) that contain it in an effort to a) stop people from constantly changing the photo of Homo sapiens, and b) avoid offending people in cases where iNat's automated suggestions may suggest a taxon that contains Homo sapiens when attempting to identify an image of a human.

The photos we've chosen are composites of public domain (or similarly unrestricted) images. You can find links to originals by viewing the details page for individual photos.

Posted by kueda 4 months ago (Flag)

Love the locked collage solution!

Especially since it also contains a variety of life stages, which is always a plus in taxon photos. ;P

Posted by star3 4 months ago (Flag)

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