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Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides marcellus) choess Sat, 28 Jun 2014 01:12:46 +0000

it duplicates Protographium marcellus. Recent literature seems to favor splitting it from Eurytides.


Change not supported by Pelham.



We're trying to follow Pelham for North American butterflies, and he uses Eurytides. See

Posted by kueda over 6 years ago (Flag)

Looks like Pelham still has this as Eurytides, but I wanted to copy @bradklee's comments over from his post on the forum:

According to recent literature, there is evidence for “Protographium marcellus” rather than “Eurytides marcellus” (Cf. [1] figures 4-5).
Can it be changed? and would we want to?


[1] Simonsen et al., “Phylogenetics and divergence times of Papilioninae…”, Cladistics, 2011,

Posted by bouteloua 7 months ago (Flag)

Pelham is also inconsistent. The more detailed info seems to favor "Neographium marcellus":

Wikipedia describes "Neographium" as a sub-genus of "Protographium", so the later may
actually be preferable if iNaturalist decides to update.

Posted by bradklee 7 months ago (Flag)

Thanks @bouteloua. I talked to J. Pelham breifly on email,
and he explained as follows:

"I am uncertain as to the relationships of Graphium and
Protographium in the Old World and do not think a
confident phylogeny has been proposed.

However, once Protographium is excluded from the New,
there are the following names taxonomically-nomenclaturally

Eurytides Hübner, [1821]
Protesilaus Swainson, 1832
Mimoides Brown, 1991
Neographium Möhn, 2002
Bellerographium Möhn, 2002
Asiographium Möhn, 2002
Eurygraphium Möhn, 2002

How one chooses to treat these, as genera,
subgenera or synonym, is not subject to rule.
It is called 'taxonomic freedom.'

I treat the genus Eurytides with various subgenera
and synonyms. Warren et al, 2016 treated Eurytides,
Protesilaus, Neographium and Mimoides as genera.
This is a difference of opinion. Neither treatment
synonymizes Neographium."

Posted by bradklee 7 months ago (Flag)

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