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Latimer's woodland-gilia (Saltugilia latimeri) loarie Mon, 30 Mar 2020 21:48:34 +0000

Deviate from POWO


deviation entered



Someone deleted this flag, so I'm remaking it but on Feb 18 I asked: "
iNat has both Gilia latimeri and Saltugilia latimeri. POWO has this as Gilia latimeri
@polemoniaceae should we go with Gilia or Saltugilia?"
In a now reverted/deleted taxon change @polemoniaceae indicated that we should be deviating from POWO. Here's the deviation:

Posted by loarie 11 months ago (Flag)

I thought the ability for curators to delete flags was revoked more than a year ago.

Anyway, see related bug report:

Posted by bouteloua 3 months ago (Flag)

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