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bobby23 Superfamily Diopsoidea henriqueandrades Sun, 15 Nov 2020 13:19:52 +0000

When I search for observations of Diopsoidea, there are observations of Neotanypeza, which is in Nerioidea not Diopsoidea


bug report posted to the forum


Tanypeza appears too. Not sure about other ones.

Posted by henriqueandrades over 1 year ago (Flag)

@henriqueandrades Is this still occuring?

Posted by zdanko 11 months ago (Flag)

@zdanko It does.
For example, if I search for Diopsoidea, 8 observations of Tanypeza longimana (Nerioidea) appear.
If I search for Nerioidea, 11 observations of the same species appear.
If I search for the species, 19 observations appear.

The same occurs with Tanypeza picticornis (3/5/8 observations), for example.
Testing other species/genera, I found problems with Neotanypeza and Strongylophthalmyia too.

Posted by henriqueandrades 11 months ago (Flag)

Can you send me the link that you are searching with?

Posted by zdanko 11 months ago (Flag)

Okay, I can recreate this. Please make a bug report on, and provide the details you've shared with me.

Posted by zdanko 11 months ago (Flag)


Posted by zdanko 11 months ago (Flag)

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