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loarie Spanish Needle (Bidens odorata) bouteloua Mon, 30 Nov 2020 01:07:40 +0000

deviate from POWO? or merge with B. pilosa?


committed taxon change



Bidens odorata Cav. is a synonym of B. pilosa in POWO:

copying over comment from @bodofzt:

In Mexico, CONABIO chooses to maintain the Bidens pilosa complex as separate species:
B. alba: Up to 8 ligules that are notably longer than wide. Relatively short external (green) bracts. See
B. pilosa: Absent or reduced ligules. At least some fruits with three awns instead of two. See
B. odorata: 5 ligules that are barely longer than wide. Longer external bracts. See
See also:

Posted by bouteloua 6 months ago (Flag)
Posted by bodofzt 6 months ago (Flag)

POWO does not indicate what is the reason or based on what document is that it does not accept this species.
I need to investigate thoroughly what is the current status of this complex to give a better opinion, although personal mine is that they should all be one.

Posted by oscargsol 6 months ago (Flag)

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