cutleaf nightshade

Solanum triflorum

White flowers with yellow in the center 5

By Salvador, The International School at Mesa del Sol

Solanum triflorum is a species of nightshade known by the common names cutleaf nightshade and small nightshade. It is native to Argentina, but it is known on other continents, including Europe and Australia, as an introduced species and sometimes a weed. It is present throughout much of North America, where it is possibly non-native as well. It grows in many types of habitat, including disturbed areas. It is an annual herb producing spreading, decumbent stems up.

Cut leaf nightshade is native in Argentina but it is common on other continents which are Europe and Australia. In New Mexico cutleaf nigthshade is common in San Juan, Rio Arriba, Taos, Colfax, McKinley, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Cibola, Bernalillo, Torrance, Guadalupe, and Otero counties(3). It grows in many types of habitats but normally disturbed areas. It has hairs sometimes associated with the glands. The stem is up to one meter long. The leaves are a few centimeters long and are cut deeply into tooth-like lobes.
They are light green and when the flowers sprout, they are white with yellow in the middle. Since this plant/weed has thorns, it isn’t eaten often unless the animal is hungry enough to not feel the little thorns(1). Cutleaf nightshade is sometimes used for medicine because of the decoction of the berries has been used in the treatment of stomach aches and for children with diarrhea(2). It could sometimes be poisonous because of the white and yellow flowers. The leaf’s and berries are poisonous.
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