Peziza vesiculosa

Description 7

FRUITBODY 2-5 cm broad, sessile, globose, becoming urn-shaped, often contorted when clustered; margin incurved, remaining so in age, at times eroded or cracked in age; hymenium (inner surface) light-brown, pale yellow-brown to medium brown, frequently convoluted or wrinkled; outer surface granulose to furfuraceous, sometimes indistinctly so when weathered, tan, pale-buff, to nearly white; flesh thin, pale yellow-brown, fragile; odor and taste mild. HABITAT Scattered to clustered on manure (especially horse manure), and composted straw; common around stables and horse pastures; fruiting fall, winter and spring.

NOTES A combination of characters make this Peziza relatively easy to identify. Most obvious is its preference for fruiting in clusters on horse dung or decayed straw. While many other cup fungi also occur on dung, in our area all are smaller, differently colored, or have hairs on the cup margin. Peziza vesiculosa is additionally distinguished by an urn-shaped cup with a margin incurved even at maturity, a wrinkled yellowish-brown hymenial inner surface and a pale tan furfuraceous (consisting of or covered with flaky particles) outer surface.

Summary 8

Peziza vesiculosa is a species of apothecial fungus belonging to the family Pezizaceae. This is a common species of Europe, with scattered records in other parts of the world. The pale, cup-shaped ascocarps can grow quite large (up to 10 cm (3.9 in) in diameter) and often form densely packed groups. It is found on nutrient-rich soils, rotting straw and manure and can often be seen on compost heaps. The edibility of Peziza species, including this one, is...

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