Italian Crested Newt

Triturus carnifex

Identification 3

Males have jagged dorsal fin interupted near pelvis. The upper lip is overhanging the lower jaw on both sides of the mouth. Females can have bright dorsal line. Large newts (Triturus sp.) are indistinguishable in our environment based on morphology. Geneticaly speaking carnifex lives in NP Podyjí only. Surrounded by a hybrid zone with other Triturus species.

Ecology & Behaviour 3

Both T. carnifex and T.dobrogicus live in Southern Moravia where they can create hybrids by breeding among each other.

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  2. (c) Stefano Doglio, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC),
  3. (c) Martin Vohralík, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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