Sand Lizard

Lacerta agilis

Identification 4

Most telling sign of this species are the two bilateral brownish stripes lining the sides of the body suplemented with dorsoventral dark green to black stipes on sides of the body. The dorsal pattern can be anywhere between one fully fused light-brown line to a dark stripe with white spots. The males usualy display green coloured sides. Females are comonly misindentified as Zootoca vivipara by junior researchers. Other signs to distinguish these species are the shape of the head or the ear.

Ecology & Behaviour 4

Tho common lizard can be found practically everywhere near an open area to allow for basking. Gardens and agricultural landscape is where these animals thrive. The lizard can be found basking in the sun in early hours. It hunts small invertebrates. I must discourage you from catching them as you might injure the animal due to tail autotomy.

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