Balbis' airplant

Tillandsia balbisiana

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Tillandsia balbisiana, common name northern needleleaf, is a species in the genus Tillandsia. This species in native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, the West Indies, and Florida.

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Frequently found in natural areas.

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Also called "coke bottle airplant" due to the shape: narrow and tall. It has a narrow, bulbous base instead of the wide base of the Cardinal Airplant (Tillandsia fasciculata) and longer leaves compared to the Potbelly Airplant (Tillandsia paucifolia). It can range from green to dark grey, end of leaves may have a reddish tint (especially younger specimines). It can grow solo or in large colonies. Bloom is smaller than the Cardinal Airplant (Tillandsia fasciculata).

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