Chequered Keelback

Fowlea piscator

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  • Non Venomous
  • Other names : Asiatic water snake.
  • One of the most commonly seen snakes in India.
  • Known to be aggressive and keen to bite if nervous.
  • Among the Natricine snakes or Keelbacks.


  • Medium-sized body with keeled scales but looks glossy overall.
  • Checkered pattern all over body in variations of green, yellow and brown.
  • Often has two streaks from eyes and has round pupils.
  • Looks just like the Bar necked keelback found northeast of Orissa.
  • Grow to 3-4 feet on average. Some may reach 5 feet too.


  • Extremely common throughout India.
  • Found near fresh water bodies like ponds, rivers, lakes and paddy fields.
  • Known to flourish around urban areas with close by water bodies.


  • Feed on frogs, toads, fish and sometimes rodents and birds too.
  • Juveniles feed on tadpoles and water insects.
  • Semi-aquatic, active by day and night, hunting on edges of water bodies.
  • Alert and aggressive, usually tries to escape in a jumpy manner.
  • When threatened, inflates neck to show a false hood and raising head.
  • Very fast, excited, jumpy and constantly tries to bite.
  • Readily bites and holds on giving painful bites with it's sharp teeth.
  • Also reported to lose tail if needed in order to escape.

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