Pygmy Owls


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Pygmy Owls are members of the genus Glaucidium. They belong to the typical owl family Strigidae, one of the two generally accepted living families of owls The genus consists of about 26 to 35 species distributed worldwide. The exact number of species is somewhat disputed.
These are mostly small owls, and some of the species are called "owlets". They have a length of about 17 to 19 cm, with a wing span of about 86 to 105 mm. Their weight is about 62 to 73 g, and as with most owls the female is usually larger than the male. Most pygmy owl species are nocturnal and hunt mainly large insects and other small prey. They live mostly in the west of the United States, with small parts of their range in Canada and Mexico.[citation needed]

Glaucidium forms a paraphyletic group with Surnia.[2][3]

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