Black Phoebe

Sayornis nigricans

Summary 3

The Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans) is a small flycatcher with a black body and white belly. They have a small crest at the back of their heads. Males and females are identical in appearance.

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Where on Campus? 4

Black Phoebes can be seen anywhere there is a consistent water source including the pond outside of the BioHealth Division office and also along the creeks that surround the campus.

Habitat 4

Black Phoebes can be found anywhere there is semi-open habitat near a water source.

LIfe History Traits 4

Nesting Black Phoebes are monogamous with males and females choosing a nest site together but females building the cup-shaped mud nests on cliffs or under the eaves or a building. The mated pair will use the same nest year after year.

Feeding Black Phoebes are insertivores who often catch their meals on the wing or take them from the surface of water bodies. Interestingly, they produce pellets of the indigestible parts of the insects.

Distribution 4

Black Phoebes are found from California south to Argentina

Migratory 4

Resident birds.

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