Charadrius vociferus

Summary 3

The Killdeer Charadrius vociferus is a medium sized plover most easily identified by its size (9-11 inches), brown back, two black breast bands, and orange-brown rump. They also have gray-green legs, black bill, and red eye ring. Male and female Killdeers are similar to one another.

They have a very distinctive call that indicates their presence, even when you cannot see them. To hear their sounds go here:

Where on campus? 4

Killdeer are frequently seen just west of the library, but also in all of the grassy areas around campus.

Habitat 4

Killdeer inhabits a number of open habitat types, including grasslands, fields, mudflats, and gravel deposits.

Life History 4

Nesting Killdeer are ground nesters, scraping the soil to create a nest. They may brood up to 3 times/year. Adults are monogamous. The chicks are precocial and follow their parents immediately. Nesting Killdeer may also be observed feigning broken wings to lure intruders away from the nest site.

Feeding Killdeer eat small invertebrates, primarily worms and insects, but may consume plant matter when prey is scarce. Killdeers probe soils with their bills for food.

Distribution 4

Killdeer are found throughout North America

Migration 4


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