Round Fungus Beetles


Summary 4

Leiodidae is a family of beetles with around 3800 described species found worldwide. Members of this family are commonly called round fungus beetles due to the globular shape of many species, although some are more elongated in shape. They are generally small or very small beetles (less than 10 mm in length) and many (but not all) species have clubbed antennae.

SoCal Status 5

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Agathidium akallebregma
Agathidium angustoperculum
Agathidium concinnum
Agathidium conjunctum
Agathidium depressum
Agathidium estriatum
Agathidium exiguum
Agathidium laetum
Agathidium picipes
Agathidium pulchrum
Agathidium virile
Anogdus undetermined
Catops basilaris
Colon hubbardi
Colon longitorsum
Ecarinosphaerula undetermined
Gelae parile
Hydnobius kiseri
Hydnobius longidens
Hydnobius pumilus
Kalohydnobius californicus
Kalohydnobius strigilatus
Leiodes antennata
Leiodes horni
Leiodes karinae
Leiodes morula
Leiodes pacifica
Leiodes paludicola
Leiodes similis
Nemadus pusio
Neoeocatops decipiens
Pinodytes cryptophagoides
Pinodytes gibbosus
Pinodytes pusio
Platycholeus leptinoides
Ptomaphagus californicus
Ptomaphagus fisus
Ptomaphagus nevadicus
Ptomaphagus setiger
Triarthron lecontei

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