Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles


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Geotrupidae (from Greek geos, earth, and trypetes, borer) is a family of beetles in the order Coleoptera. They are commonly called earth-boring dung beetles. Most excavate burrows in which to lay their eggs. They are typically detritivores, provisioning their nests with leaf litter (often moldy), but are occasionally coprophagous, similar to dung beetles. The eggs are laid in or upon the provision mass and buried, and the developing larvae feed upon the provisions. The burrows of...

SoCal Status 9

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Bolbelasmus arcuatus
Bolbelasmus hornii
Bolboceras obesus
Bolbocerastes imperialis
Bolbocerastes regalis
Bolbocerastes serratus
Bolborhombus parvulus
Ceratophyus gopherinus

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