Metallic Wood-boring Beetles


Summary 5

Buprestidae is a family of beetles, known as jewel beetles or metallic wood-boring beetles because of their glossy iridescent colors. The family is among the largest of the beetles, with some 15,000 species known in 450 genera. In addition, almost 100 fossil species have been described.

SoCal Status 6

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Acmaeodera acanthicola
Acmaeodera acuta
Acmaeodera adenostomae
Acmaeodera alacris
Acmaeodera alicia
Acmaeodera angelica
Acmaeodera aurora
Acmaeodera bacchariphaga
Acmaeodera barri
Acmaeodera comata
Acmaeodera connexa
Acmaeodera constricticollis
Acmaeodera coquilletti
Acmaeodera curtilata
Acmaeodera deviata
Acmaeodera dohrni
Acmaeodera dolorosa
Acmaeodera dolorosa dolorosa
Acmaeodera ephedrae
Acmaeodera fenyesi
Acmaeodera flavomarginata
Acmaeodera flavosticta
Acmaeodera gemina
Acmaeodera gibbula
Acmaeodera hepburnii
Acmaeodera holsteni
Acmaeodera immaculata
Acmaeodera jocosa
Acmaeodera latiflava
Acmaeodera linsleyi
Acmaeodera lupinae
Acmaeodera mariposa
Acmaeodera mimicata
Acmaeodera mojavei
Acmaeodera morbosa
Acmaeodera nevadica
Acmaeodera panamintensis
Acmaeodera perlanosa
Acmaeodera pinalorum
Acmaeodera plagiaticauda
Acmaeodera prorsa
Acmaeodera pubiventris
Acmaeodera pullata
Acmaeodera purshiae
Acmaeodera quadriseriata
Acmaeodera quadrivittata
Acmaeodera retifera
Acmaeodera rubrocuprea
Acmaeodera sabinae
Acmaeodera serena
Acmaeodera sinuata
Acmaeodera tuta
Acmaeodera vanduzeei
Acmaeodera vandykei
Acmaeodera variegata
Acmaeodera vernalis
Acmaeodera vulturei
Acmaeodera yumae
Acmaeoderoides confusus
Acmaeoderoides insignis
Acmaeoderoides rossi
Acmaeoderoides stramineus
Acmaeoderoides verityi
Acmaeoderopsis guttifera
Acmaeoderopsis hassayampae
Acmaeoderopsis hualpaiana
Acmaeoderopsis hulli
Acmaeoderopsis jaguarina
Acmaeoderopsis junki
Acmaeoderopsis prosopis
Agrilus angelicus
Agrilus blandus
Agrilus coxalis
Agrilus felix
Agrilus fisherellus
Agrilus fisherianus
Agrilus gibbicollis
Agrilus harenus
Agrilus hualpaii
Agrilus illectus
Agrilus impexus
Agrilus inhabilis chalcogaster
Agrilus jacobinus
Agrilus lacustris
Agrilus malvastri
Agrilus politus
Agrilus quadriguttatus
Agrilus ventralis
Agrilus walsinghami
Anambodera lucksani
Anambodera palmarum
Anthaxia aeneogaster
Anthaxia californica
Anthaxia caseyi
Anthaxia caseyi santarosae
Anthaxia deleta
Anthaxia deleta deleta
Anthaxia leechi
Anthaxia nanula
Anthaxia simiola
Anthaxia strigata
Buprestis connexa
Buprestis fremontiae
Buprestis gibbsii
Buprestis laeviventris
Buprestis subornata
Buprestis viridisuturalis
Chalcophora angulicollis
Chrysobothris bacchari
Chrysobothris barri
Chrysobothris beyeri
Chrysobothris bicolor
Chrysobothris biimpressa
Chrysobothris californica
Chrysobothris crandalli
Chrysobothris cuprascens
Chrysobothris cyanella
Chrysobothris debilis
Chrysobothris deleta
Chrysobothris deserta
Chrysobothris exesa
Chrysobothris femorata
Chrysobothris ignicollis
Chrysobothris lateralis
Chrysobothris lineatipennis
Chrysobothris lucana
Chrysobothris mali
Chrysobothris merkelii
Chrysobothris micromorpha
Chrysobothris monticola
Chrysobothris nixa
Chrysobothris octocola
Chrysobothris peninsularis
Chrysobothris prasina
Chrysobothris purpurata
Chrysobothris purpureoplagiata
Chrysobothris purpurifrons
Chrysobothris quadrilineata
Chrysobothris semisculpta
Chrysobothris speculifer
Chrysobothris wickhami
Chrysophana placida
Cypriacis aurulenta
Dicerca hornii
Dicerca hornii nelsoni
Dicerca pectorosa
Dicerca sexualis
Gyascutus allenrolfeae
Gyascutus carolinensis
Gyascutus dianae
Gyascutus jeanae
Gyascutus planicosta
Hesperorhipis albofasciata
Lepismadora algodones
Melanophila acuminata
Melanophila consputa
Melanophila occidentalis
Nanularia brunneata
Nanularia californica
Nanularia californicus
Nanularia obrienorum
Paratyndaris albofasciata
Paratyndaris anomalis
Paratyndaris barberi
Paratyndaris knulli
Paratyndaris olneyae
Paratyndaris tucsoni
Phaenops californica
Phaenops drummondi
Phaenops gentilis
Phaenops intrusus
Phaenops lecontei
Poecilonota bridwelli
Poecilonota californica
Poecilonota fraseri
Poecilonota salixi
Poecilonota viridicyanea
Polycesta californica
Polycesta cazieri
Polycesta crypta
Polycesta cyanea
Polycesta flavomaculata
Polycesta hageni
Prasinalia cuneata
Prasinalia imperialis
Taphrocerus mercedensis
Trichinorhipis knulli

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