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Insects in the family Elateridae are commonly called click beetles (or "typical click beetles" to distinguish them from the related Cerophytidae and Eucnemidae). Other names include elaters, snapping beetles, spring beetles or "skipjacks". This family was defined by William Elford Leach (1790-1836) in 1815. They are a cosmopolitan beetle family characterized by the unusual click mechanism they possess. There are a few closely related families in which a few members have the same mechanism, but all...

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Aeolus livens
Agriotella californicus
Agriotes hispidus
Agriotes torquatus
Alaus melanops
Ampedus atripennis
Ampedus carbonicolor
Ampedus cordatus
Ampedus cordifer
Ampedus fastus
Ampedus longicornis
Ampedus occidentalis
Ampedus phelpsi
Ampedus rhodopus
Anchastus bicolor
Anchastus bicolor desertus
Anchastus cinereipennis
Aphricus californicus
Aplastus angusticollis
Aplastus corymbitoides
Aplastus optatus
Aplastus piceus
Aplastus productus
Aplastus speratus
Athous agriotoides
Athous axillaris
Athous limbatus
Athous nigripilis
Athous nugalis
Athous rectithorax
Athous rufiventris
Cardiophorus aeneus
Cardiophorus amplicollis
Cardiophorus crinitus
Cardiophorus edwardsi
Cardiophorus latiusculus
Cardiophorus luridipes
Cardiophorus seniculus
Cardiophorus tenebrosus
Cardiophorus tumidicollis
Chalcolepidius tartarus
Chalcolepidius webbi
Conoderus bellus
Conoderus bicarinatus
Conoderus exsul
Conoderus falli
Conoderus laurentii
Ctenicera jaculus
Ctenicera lecontei
Ctenicera maurus
Dalopius luteolus
Dalopius subustus
Dicrepidius corvinus
Diplostethus opacicollis
Elater ater
Elater lecontei
Esthesopus flavidus
Esthesopus indistinctus
Esthesopus parcus
Euthysanius lautus
Euthysanius wagneri
Hemicrepidius californicus
Hemicrepidius dilaticollis
Hemicrepidius morio
Hemicrepidius tumescens
Heteroderes sordidus
Horistonotus basalis
Horistonotus fidelis
Horistonotus inanus
Horistonotus mitis
Horistonotus obtusus
Horistonotus simplex
Horistonotus sufflatus
Hypnoidus gradarius
Hypnoidus ornatus
Hypnoidus squalidus
Hypnoidus striatulus
Lacon rorulenta
Lacon sparsa
Limonius californicus
Limonius canus
Limonius crotchi
Limonius hispidus
Limonius infuscatus
Limonius maculicollis
Limonius mirus
Limonius occidentalis
Limonius ornatulus
Limonius ovatus
Limonius pilosulus
Limonius ulkei
Limonius vernalis
Megapenthes aterrimus
Megapenthes caprella
Megapenthes elegans
Megapenthes horni
Megapenthes quadrimaculatus
Megapenthes tartareus
Megapenthes turbulentus
Melanactes densus
Melanotus longulus
Melanotus similis
Meristhus cristatus
Negastrius colon
Neotrichophorus substriatus
Octinodes campanulatus
Octinodes frater
Octinodes maclayi
Octinodes nr. frater
Octinodes pullus
Octinodes schaumi
Paradonus pectoralis
Pseudanostirus californicus
Pseudanostirus triundulatus
Sericus silaceus
Zorochrus gradarius

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