Wood Borer Beetles


Summary 4

Anobiidae is a family of beetles. The larvae of a number of species tend to bore into wood, earning them the name "woodworm" or "wood borer". A few species are pests, causing damage to wooden furniture and house structures, notably the deathwatch beetle, Xestobium rufovillosum, and the common furniture beetle, Anobium punctatum.

SoCal Status 5

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Actenobius pleuralis
Anobiopsis sericans
Byrrhodes n. sp.
Byrrhodes ulkei
Caenocara californicum
Colposternus tenuilineatus
Ernobius alutaceus
Ernobius californicus
Ernobius collaris
Ernobius debilis
Ernobius marginicollis
Ernobius melanoventris
Ernobius montanus
Ernobius n.sp.
Ernobius nigrans
Ernobius pinicula
Ernobius punctulatus
Ernobius socialis
Euvrilletta catalinae
Euvrilletta occidentalis
Euvrilletta xyletinoides
Gastrallus marginipennis
Gibbium psylloides
Hedobia angulata
Hedobia granosa
Hemicoelus gibbicollis
Hemicoelus nelsoni
Lasioderma haemorrhoidale
Lasioderma serricorne
Megorama frontale
Megorama ingens
Mezium affine
Mezium americanum
Niptus arcanus
Niptus ventriculus
Oligomerus n.sp.
Ozognathus cornutus
Paralobium mundum
Petalium californicum
Priobium punctatum
Ptilinus acuminatus
Ptilinus basalis
Ptilinus flavipennis
Ptilinus ramicornis
Ptinus agnatus
Ptinus alternatus
Ptinus clavipes
Ptinus cognatus
Ptinus eximius
Ptinus fallax
Ptinus fur
Ptinus gandolphei
Ptinus longivestis
Ptinus priminidi
Ptinus tectus
Ptinus verticalis
Sphaericus gibbioides
Stegobium paniceum
Trichodesma cristata
Trichodesma setifera
Tricorynus elutus
Tricorynus exiguus
Tricorynus gibbulus pubescens
Tricorynus latus
Tricorynus luteotectus
Tricorynus mancus
Tricorynus nubilus
Tricorynus palliatus
Tricorynus pusillus
Tricorynus vestitus
Trigonogenius globulus
Vrilletta bicolor
Vrilletta blaisdelli
Vrilletta californica
Vrilletta convexa
Vrilletta decorata
Xarifa insularis
Xestobium marginicolle
Xyletinus californicus
Xyletinus distans
Xyletinus fucatus
Xyletinus grossus
Xyletinus lugubris

Taxonomy 5

Ptinidae is the correct name for the family per Arango and Young (2012)

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