Checkered Beetles


Summary 4

Cleridae are a family of beetles of the superfamily Cleroidea. They are commonly known as checkered beetles. The Cleridae family has a worldwide distribution, and a variety of habitats and feeding preferences.

SoCal Status 5

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Araeodontia isabellae
Araeodontia peninsularis
Aulicus antennatus
Aulicus bicinctus
Aulicus dentipes
Aulicus edwardsii
Aulicus reichei
Aulicus terrestris
Boschella fasciata
Bostrichoclerus bicornis
Callotillus vafer
Chariessa dichroa
Chariessa elegans
Cymatodera aegra
Cymatodera angustata
Cymatodera balteata
Cymatodera californica
Cymatodera decipiens
Cymatodera fuchsi
Cymatodera fuscula
Cymatodera latefascia
Cymatodera morosa
Cymatodera oblita
Cymatodera ovipennis
Cymatodera pseudotsugae
Cymatodera punctata
Cymatodera puncticollis
Cymatodera sobara
Cymatodera umbrina
Cymatodera uniformis
Cymatodera vandykei
Cymatodera vulgivaga
Enoclerus eximius
Enoclerus humeralis
Enoclerus laetus
Enoclerus lecontei
Enoclerus moestus
Enoclerus quadrisignatus
Enoclerus schaefferi
Enoclerus sphegeus
Lecontella gnara
Loedelia maculicollis
Monophylla californica
Necrobia ruficollis
Necrobia rufipes
Necrobia violacea
Phyllobaenus affiliata
Phyllobaenus bicolor
Phyllobaenus discoideus
Phyllobaenus funebris
Phyllobaenus plagifera
Phyllobaenus quadrimaculata
Phyllobaenus robustus
Phyllobaenus scabra
Trichodes basalis
Trichodes ornatus
Trichodes peninsularis

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