Bark-gnawing Beetles


Summary 3

Trogossitidae is a small family of beetles, in the suborder Polyphaga. Trogossitidae consists of about 600 species. 59 species are found in America about 36 in Australia.

SoCal Status 4

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Airora aequalis
Airora minuta
Calitys scabra
Corticotomus apicalis
Corticotomus caviceps
Eronyxa angustus
Eronyxa expansus
Eronyxa pallidus
Euschaefferia mcclayi
Euschafferia mclayi
Nemosoma fissiceps
Nemosoma schwarzi
Ostoma pippingskoeldi
Temnoscheila aerea
Temnoscheila barbata
Temnoscheila chlorodia
Temnoscheila edentata
Temnoscheila yuccae
Tenebroides crassicornis
Tenebroides occidentalis
Tenebroides sinuatus
Tenebroides sonorensis

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