Mildew Beetles


Summary 2

Latridiidae is a family of tiny, little-known beetles commonly called minute brown scavenger beetles. The number of described species currently stands at around 1050 in 29 genera but the number of species is undoubtedly much higher.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Akalyptoischion anasillos
Akalyptoischion atrichos
Akalyptoischion heterotrichos
Akalyptoischion hormathos
Akalyptoischion leptosoma
Akalyptoischion parechinos
Akalyptoischion sleeperi
Akalyptoischion tomeus
Aridius australicus
Aridius nodifer
Cartodere constrictus
Corticaria serrata
Corticaria tenuipes
Corticarina cavicollis
Corticarina eichlini
Corticarina elongata
Corticarina ferruginea
Corticarina fuscula
Corticarina herbivagans
Corticarina milleri
Corticarina planula
Corticarina scissa
Corticarina tenella
Dienerella argus
Dienerella intermedia
Enicmus aterrimus
Enicmus crenatus
Enicmus desertus
Enicmus tenuicornis
Fuchsina arida
Fuchsina occulta
Latridius armatulus
Latridius protensicollis
Latridius suspectus
Melanophthalma americana
Melanophthalma casta
Melanophthalma distinguenda
Melanophthalma incompta
Melanophthalma insularis
Melanophthalma simplex
Melanophthalma villosa
Metophthalmus haigi
Metophthalmus kanei
Metophthalmus parviceps
Metophthalmus rudis
Metophthalmus septemstriatus
Metophthalmus trux
Migneauxia crassiuscula
Revelieria californica
Stephostethus costicollis
Stephostethus liratus

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