False Blister Beetles


Summary 2

The family Oedemeridae is a cosmopolitan group of beetles commonly known as false blister beetles, though some recent authors have coined the name pollen-feeding beetles. There are some 100 genera and 1,500 species in the family, mostly associated with rotting wood as larvae, though adults are quite common on flowers.

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Asclera discolor
Asclera excavata
Asclera nigra
Calopus angustatus
Copidita quadrimaculata
Eumecomera bicolor
Eumecomera cyanipennis
Nacerdes melanura
Oxacis debilis
Oxacis fragilis
Oxacis laevicollis
Oxacis lucana
Oxacis nitens
Oxacis pallida
Oxacis trimaculata
Rhinoplatia ruficollis
Xanthochroa californica
Xanthochroa marina
Xanthochroina bicolor

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