Ant-like Stone Beetles


Summary 2

Scydmaeninae are a subfamily of small beetles, commonly called ant-like stone beetles or scydmaenines. These beetles occur worldwide, and the subfamily includes some 4,500 species in about 80 genera. Established as a family, they were reduced in status to a subfamily of Staphylinidae in 2009...

SoCal Status 3

Known Species per The California Beetle Database .
Brachycepsis sp._SantaRosaIsland
Brachycepsis undetermined
Cephennium aridum
Cephennium canestroi
Cephennium gilberti
Cephennium urbanum
Ceramphis deformata
Euconnus digressum
Euconnus occidens
Euconnus undetermined
Lophioderus undetermined
Microscydmus undetermined
Papusus macer
Scydmaenus ovipennis
Stenichnus undetermined
Veraphis colon
Veraphis undetermined

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