Adansonia za Baill.

Adansonia za

Descriptions 3

Tree up to 30 m tall, primary branches usuually ascending and tapering, bark grey and rough. Leaves 5 - 8 foliolate, margin leaflet entire. Flowers emerging simultaneously or soon after leaves, with petals yellow, sometimes with a diffuse reddish median streak on the adaxial surface. Fruits ussually oblong, pericarp ussually blackish.
Phenology: flowering in November to February, ripe fruit from the end of dry season.

Ecology 3

From Andohahela and the Mandrare River in the south-west through southern and western Madagascar to the Boina region and the Sambirano River basin. It is less abundant and restricted to riverine areas in the north-west.

Similar species 3

Adansonia alba Jum. & H. Perrier ; Adansonia bozy Jum. & H. Perrier ; Adansonia za var. boinensis H. Perrier ; Adansonia za var. bozy H. Perrier.

Reference 3

  • Madagascar Catalogue, 2013. Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, U.S.A. & Antananarivo, Madagascar [].
  • D. A. Baum. 1995. A systematic revision of Adansonia (bombacaceae). ANN. Missouri Bot. Gard. 82: 440-470.

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iNat Map

Flower yellow
Bark color Greyish
Bark aspect rough
Distribution Atsimo Andrefana-Androy-Anosy, Boeny-Melaky, Diana-Sofia, Menabe
Leafform entire
Fruit Oblong