Gymnopilus viridans

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Gymnopilus viridans is a rarely documented mushroom. It contains the hallucinogens psilocybin and psilocin. The last known collection is from Washington, United States (1912).

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Pileus (Cap):
8 cm, thick, convex with a large umbo, ochraceous, dry, with conspicuous light reddish brown scales that are sparse but become denser toward the center; flesh firm, becoming green-spotted where handled.
Lamellae (Gills):
Adnate, broad, crowded, edges undulate, dingy brown to rusty brown with age.
Stipe (Stem):
6 cm x 2 cm thick, enlarging below, solid, firm, colored like the cap.
Microscopic features:
Spores Reddish Brown (6)7 x 8.5 x (3.5)4 - 5 um ellipsoid, not dextrinoid, minutely verruculose, obliquely pointed at one end, no germ pore. Pleurocystidia absent, Cheilocystidia 20 - 26 x 5 - 7 um, caulocystidia 35 - 43 x 4 - 7 um, clamp connections present.
October to November.
Habitat and Distribution:
Gymnopilus viridans is found on coniferous wood. Washington.
Growth Habit:
Gregarious to cespitose.
Green or blue bruising at the base and on the pileus, green spots on the pileus likely.
Lvl.1 1.5g
Lvl.2 2.8g
Lvl.3 4.4g
Lvl.4 7.2g
Lvl.5 10.0g
Other Notes:
Other Species:
G. punctifolius
G. palmicola
G. luteoviridis
G. valipides
G. liquiritiae
G. viridans

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