Common Pygmy Woodlouse

Trichoniscus pusillus

Summary 2

Trichoniscus pusillus, sometimes called the common pygmy woodlouse, is one of the five most common species of woodlice in the British Isles. It is acknowledged to be the most abundant terrestrial isopod in Britain. It is found commonly across Europe north of the Alps, and has been introduced to Madeira, the Azores and North America.

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iNat Map

Region Midatlantic: NC; VA; WV; MD; DE; NJ; PA, New England; NY; NB; PEI; and NS, Quebec and Newfoundland
Habitat inland
Rolls into a ball? No
Eyes very large? No
Antennal flagella One
Paired ocelli three
Pereonite texture smooth
Uropods -
Telson -
Status introduced