Hemachatus haemachatus

Summary 6

The rinkhals(Hemachatus haemachatus), also called the ringhals or ring-necked spitting cobra, is a venomous elapid species found in parts of southern Africa. It is not a true cobra in that it does not belong to the genus Naja, but instead belongs to the monotypic genus Hemachatus. However, it is closely related to the true cobras and is considered to be one of the true spitting cobras.

Range description 7

This species is endemic to southern Africa. It is found through most of eastern South Africa, including the separate countries in that area. It is also distributed along the southwest Cape. An isolated population is located in Inyanga, in Zimbabwe next to the Mozambique border. D. Broadley (pers. comm. to Ineich 1996) doubts that this species occurs in Mozambique. This species is found between sea level and 2,500 m above sea level.

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