Scarlet Beeblossom

Oenothera suffrutescens

Scarlet Beeblossom 2

The scientific name of the Scarlet Beeblossom is Oenothera suffrutescens or Gaura coccinea. The Scarlet Beeblossom is part of the Evening Primrose family. It is a flowering plant. The Scarlet Beeblossom grows to be eight to twenty inches tall. It has several stems, the flower is light pink and looks much like a honeysuckle. The Scarlet Beeblossom is also a type of herb or shrub. Scarlet Beeblossom can be used to settle an upset stomach after vomiting. Its habitat is on dry prairies, hillsides, and roadsides. Scarlet Beeblossom is a perennial plant which means that it regrows year after year.
By Kenia Mendoza, 13 years old and Clarissa Diaz, 13 years old
South Valley Academy 7th grade science

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