Thicksepal Cryptantha

Cryptantha crassisepala

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Cryptantha crassisepala (common name thicksepal catseye) is a plant found in the southwestern United States.

Cryptantha, Cat's Eye 3

The scientific name is Cryptantha crassiespala. A popular area where this plant likes to grow is in the western part of America and the Andean Mountains. This plant looks like a little cactus with white flowers on it. It is medicinal. People crush or boil the cryptantha leaves for an external use as a lotion for burns, fatigued limbs, or itching.

Its favorite habitat is sparsely vegetated soil in open forests at low to mid elevation. The animals that like to eat this plant are the Colorful Blister beetle, the Gray hairstreak butterfly, and bees. An interesting fact is that the name Cryptantha crassiespala comes from the presence of flowers that never open and appear hidden.

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