Sacred Thorn-Apple

Datura wrightii

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Datura wrighti, or sacred datura, is the name of a poisonous perennial plant and ornamental flower of southwestern North America. It is sometimes used as a hallucinogen. D. wrighti is classified as a deliriant and an anticholinergic.

Sacred Thorn Apple 7

The sacred thorn apple’s scientific name is Datura wrightii. Its Spanish name is manzana espina sagrada. Its class is magnoliopsida, its order is solanales, its family is solanales, its genus is datura L., and its species is Datura wrightii. The plant’s full scientific name is Datura L. wrightii regel. What we can determine from the sacred thorn apple’s classification is that it is a flowering plant. The sacred thorn apple grows in the southern part of the United States and northern Mexico.
The sacred thorn apple looks like an apple combined with a cactus with a lot of spikes around it. The sacred thorn apple isn’t edible. The flower is long and white and has big leaves. It’s a poisonous plant and if you eat it, it could lead to death. As a topical remedy, the leaves of the sacred thorn apple can help in healing wounds on the body. The plant’s favorite habitat is areas with dry soil.

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