London Rocket

Sisymbrium irio

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Sisymbrium irio, known as London rocket, is a plant in the family Brassicaceae. It is an annual herb exceeding three feet in height with open, slender stem branches. The flowers are small with four pale yellow petals. The basal leaves are broad and often lobed, while the upper leaves are linear in shape and up to four inches long. The fruit is a long narrow cylindrical silique which stays green when ripe. The younger pods overtop...

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The London rocket is also called rocket mustard. The plant’s scientific name is Sisymbrium Irio. From its classification, it is a flowering plant.

-Class: Magnoliopsida-Dicotyledons
-Order: Capparales
-Family: Brassicaceae -Mustard Family
-Genus: Sisymbrium L.- Hedge Mustard
-Species: Sisymbrium Irio - London Rocket

This plant is native to Southern Europe, Western Mediterranean, Western Asia, North Africa and New Mexico. The London Rocket has a yellow flower and a long green stem.
The edible parts of the plant are the flower, the youngleafs, and the seeds. They are hot and pungent and so should be used sparingly.
It’s favorite habitat is fields, roads, orchards, vineyards, gardens, and other disturbed areas. The plant flowers in winter and spring and can grow up to 3 feet.

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