Bull Thistle

Cirsium vulgare

Summary 6

Cirsium horridulum, called bristly thistle, horrid thistle, yellow thistle or bull thistle, is a North American species of plants in the thistle tribe within the sunflower family. The species is native to the eastern and southern United States from New England to Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma as well as to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Bahamas.

Bull Thistle 7

The bull thistle color is bright purple and dark green. It has thorns to to protect it from getting eaten. The thorns also hang on to different types of clothing. This plant is very special because it seed travels using us to plant themselves. Its original home is Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has one medical use for the sore jaw. I believe that this plant likes to grow in disturbed areas. Humans like to use this plant for energy. If you mix this plant with honey and put it on your hair, it feels good and smooth.

By Eduardo, age 14

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