Creeping Mahonia

Berberis (Mahonia) repens

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Mahonia repens commonly known as creeping mahonia, creeping Oregon grape, creeping barberry, or prostrate barberry, is a species of Mahonia native to the Rocky Mountains and westward areas of North America, from British Columbia and Alberta in the north through Arizona and New Mexico, then into northwest Mexico by some reports. It is also found in many areas of California and the Great Basin region in Nevada.

Creeping Barberry or Orgeon Grape 4

The creeping barberry is a plant that grows in the New Mexico Bosque and other locations. This plant grows better in the shade in the summer or in the winter. People and wildlife can eat the berries on the plant. The dogs can eat the leaves of this plant because it is like protein to them. The plant has diamond shaped leaves. The plant can grow to be 10 cm tall, but it all depends on the water and shade and sun you give it. It is also an important medicinal plant that helps fight infections.

By Marisol, age 13

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