Thicket Creeper

Parthenocissus inserta

Summary 4

Parthenocissus vitacea (syn. P. inserta), also known as thicket creeper, false Virginia creeper, woodbine, or grape woodbine, is a woody vine native to North America, in southeastern Canada (west to southern Manitoba) and a large area of the United States, from Maine west to Montana and south to New Jersey and Missouri in the east, and Texas to Arizona in the west. It is present in California, but it may be an introduced species that far...

Woodbine 5

This plant can be found in all New Mexico. The scientific name is Parthenocissus vitacea. The plant has at least 5 leaves. Woodbine classification is family vitaceae. They need a lot of water. They grow in NM, CA, NY, TX, and more. This plant is not edible.

By Elias, age 13

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