Goodding's Willow

Salix gooddingii

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Salix gooddingii is a species of willow known by the common name Goodding's willow, or Goodding's black willow. It was named for its collector, Leslie Newton Goodding (es).

Gooding's Willow 4

The Goodding's willow is a medicinal plant also called the Salix gooddingii, which is its scientific name. This plant lives in desert regions including New Mexico. This plant looks like it has caterpillars hanging from its branch.
This plant is medicinal in the way you can use the leaves to make remedies to help with stomach issues and other complaints that aspirin will help. This plant produces nectar for other pollinators so that is used for medicine. Since the region in California is so dry it is able to survive in very harsh environments. The type of animal that like to eat it are deer, birds, and caterpillars.

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