Blue Lettuce

Lactuca tatarica pulchella

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Lactuca perennis, common names: mountain lettuce, blue lettuce or perennial lettuce, is a perennial herbaceous plant species belonging to the genus Lactuca of the daisy family. It is widespread across most of central and southern Europe.

Blue Lettuce 6

The Blue lettuce scientific name is Lactuca tatarica pulchella. This plant mostly grows in Alaska, Canada, California, New Mexico and Georgia. The plant Lactuca tatarica pulchella is 1 to 2.5 m tall with a big strong taproot because they consume a lot of water. It is used as medicine for children with a stomach ache and diarrhea. The part of the sap contains something called lactucarium which is used for the medicine. It blooms in July-September. It has blue flowers with 7+ petals.

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