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Lemna is a genus of free-floating aquatic plants from the duckweed family. These rapidly growing plants have found uses as a model system for studies in community ecology, basic plant biology, ecotoxicology, and production of biopharmaceuticals, and as a source of animal feeds for agriculture and aquaculture. Currently, 14 species of Lemna are recognised.

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Duckweed is a plant that is sometimes used as a substitute for algae. This plant is a vascular plant. The class of this plant is magnolopsida, the order is alismatales, the family is arum, the genus lemra and the species are lemna minor. The scientific name is lemnoindeae. We can determine from its classification that duckweed prefers to live in water. These plants can grow like vines getting long and latching onto things. Duckweed can grow on any surface of water. It looks like a four leaf clover that floats above water. Duckweed is edible for humans and it tastes like spinach. Duckweed can be used for chinese herbal medicine. It is mainly used for ailments associated with the respiratory system
and urinary tract system. One type of animal that eats Duckweed is fish. One interesting fact is that Duckweed may lack a stem, leaves, and roots in some species.

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