American Bugleweed

Lycopus americanus

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Lycopus americanus, common names American water horehound or American bugleweed, is a member of the genus Lycopus.

American Water Horehound 5

The American Water Horehound is a common plant that grows throughout the US and Canada. Most people consider it a weed or invasive. The American Water Horehound or American Bugleweed, is a member of the genus Lycopus. Its favorite habitat is wetlands, wet damp soil, and plenty of water. It has bluish green leaves that are large and serrated. It is a native plant to America. The American Water Horehound is used for common colds, used for cough drops, and thryroid issues. The American Water Horehound’s scientific name is Lycopus americanus muhi.
The American WaterHorehound releases its seeds by making a set of 4 nutlets that form a square. Each nutlet contains a single seed. This plant blooms from July to September. A small dense cluster of 1/8-inch white flowers surrounds leaf axils along much of the stem, blooming from the bottom of the plant up. Usually not all flowers in a cluster are open at the same time. There are often tiny pinkish purple spots on the inside of the petals.

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