Upright Prairie Coneflower, Mexican Hat

Ratibida columnifera

Prairie Coneflower 5

The prairie coneflower goes by many common names. Those names being Mexican hat, upright prairie coneflower, red-spike Mexican hat, long-headed coneflower, and thimbleflower. It’s scientific name is Ratibida columnifera. The flower belongs to the family Asteraceae which is known for flowering plants. The type of plant it is is called herbaceous perennial which means that the flower and stem die annually and the roots stay all year. It’s growing habit is to create an eighteen inch and wide stem up usually with a leafy base. The stalk of the flower can grow up to three feet hence the name cone flower. The petals are usually red but can sometimes be yellow and the cone of the flower is a reddish brown. They bloom in the early summer and last till fall. They can tolerate harsh conditions such as shade or drought and even bad soil but it can not grow in clay. They are commonly found in meadows, prairies, roadsides and on the lower half of North America. After being planted they grow a stem but no flower that typically grows during the second year. The states it grows in are Missouri, Arkansas, and New Mexico. It does not have insect or problems with disease. Non poisonous leaves are used for tea which gets rid of stomach aches and side pains. Boiled leaves are used for snake bites.

Nathan, Menaul High School

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