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Flora and fauna of the Brandeis campus and Sachar Woods:
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Fleas 1
Hickory Round-blotch Leaf Miner 3
Ectoedemia trinotata
Hickory Trail Leaf-Miner 3
Stigmella caryaefoliella
Sumac Leaf Miner 3
Stigmella intermedia
Poison Ivy Leaf Miner 3
Stigmella rhoifoliella
Oak Leaf Miner 3
Stigmella quercipulchella
Chestnut Blotchminer Moth 3
Coptotriche castaneaeella
Oak Blotch Miner Moth 3
Tischeria quercitella
Solidago Root Moth 3
Grapholita eclipsana
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Lettered Sphinx 2
Deidamia inscriptum
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Spicebush Swallowtail 4
Papilio troilus
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Monarch 5
Danaus plexippus
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Small Copper 6
Lycaena phlaeas
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Cabbage White 8
Pieris rapae
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Common Looper Moth 12
Autographa precationis
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Celery Looper Moth 12
Anagrapha falcifera
Pug Moths 13
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Transfigured Hydriomena 9
Hydriomena transfigurata
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Winter Moth 2
Operophtera brumata
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Lucerne Moth 12
Nomophila nearctica
Grape Leaf Miner 3
Mottled Hickory Leaf-miner Moth 3
Coptodisca lucifluella
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Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth 15
Malacosoma americanum
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Ironwood Leaf miner 17
Caloptilia ostryaeella
Oak Leaf-edge Roller 3
Povolnya quercinigrella
Virginia Creeper Leaf Miner Moth 3
Phyllocnistis ampelopsiella
American Burnweed Leaf Miner 3
Phyllocnistis insignis
Maple Leaf Miner Moth 3
Phyllonorycter sp.
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Basswood Miner Moth 12
Phyllonorycter lucetiella
Basswood Round-blotch Miner Moth 3
Phyllonorycter tiliacella
Hickory Leafminer Moth 3
Cameraria caryaefoliella
Poisin Ivy Leafminer 3
Cameraria guttifinitella
Oak Blotch Leafminer 3
Cameraria sp.
Elm Leaf Miner Moth 3
Cameraria ulmella
Oak Stringent Leaf Miner 3
Neurobathra strigifinitella
Bagworm Moths 3
Brown-belted Bumblebee 18
Bombus griseocollis
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Common Eastern Bumblebee 19
Bombus impatiens
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Honey Bee 20
Apis mellifera
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Eastern Carpenter Bee 21
Xylocopa virginica
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Nomad Bees 23
Blue Mud Dauber 24
Chalybion californicum
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Black and Yellow Mud Dauber 26
Sceliphron caementarium
Odorous House Ant 33
Tapinoma sessile
Citronella Ants 34
Lasius subgenus Acanthomyops
Cornfield Ant 3
Lasius neoniger
240px polistes fuscatus
Northern Paper Wasp 45
Polistes fuscatus
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Downy Yellowjacket 46
Vespula flavopilosa
German wasp 3
Vespula germanica
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Eastern Yellowjacket 47
Vespula maculifrons
Oak Leaf Gall Wasp 3
Dryocosmus rileyi
Banded Bullet Oak Gall Wasp 31
Dryocosmus imbricariae
Swamp White Oak Gall Wasp 3
Andricus quercusstrobilanus

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