February 07, 2019

Fair Warning, Overload coming

So, for reasons that are my own I decided long ago that I won't count birds from before I consider myself to have started birding. Also thus decided that I would (most likely) not post anything to iNat from before I first started using it. My first post was March 1st, 2014. Recently you may remember I posted my 10,000th observation. I was doing a bit of review after that and "realized", kind of already knew really, that I had skipped posting a number of things in that first year of iNatting while I was getting used to it.
More recently I was able to photograph my first daytime screech owl in DFW. But knew I had seen and photographed one in the valley on my first ever trip down there. A valley only subspecies though so kind of different. But when I posted the DFW one it showed as my first one on iNat. So I started going through my ebird records and saw that that trip was within a month or so of my beginning to use iNat.

At which point I realized I have a ton of stuff from multiple trips I happened to take that spring all over the state. I was a relatively new birder also then so I was chasing everything, spent 3 days in the valley and made my first trip to High Island that spring. So many of what were my firsts that will supercede what I have posted currently showing as firsts.
It took me a while but I tracked down the external hard drive where I have all those photos and realized I never even edited most of those for some reason. So I've been working on doing so quite a bit.
Thus consider this a warning that you will soon see a massive inflow of observations from 2014 by me. I have greatly enjoyed reliving the memories as I edit the photos and found some cool stuff. So I am excited to be able to share all these.

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January 28, 2019

10,000 observations

On March 1st of 2014 I gave in to peer pressure from my new friend Sam and posted my first observation to iNaturalist. Just a single image of a Question Mark butterfly. Fitting since it was a question on whether I would ever post anything again. At the time I was really only interested in birds and used ebird for that. So why would I want to post to a second site? Especially where I could only post what I had gotten pictures of.
Thankfully Sam kept on me about trying it again and I did. Slowly I began to get interested in other things because I could post them and get help knowing what it was. And then well, if I was going to post something I might as well post some other things too.
Gradually the interest in other things led to calling myself just a generalist and ultimately primarily an iNatter. It has gotten to where every time I go somewhere I am looking for things to observe. And then of course more things to go with that for the day. I plan trips to add observations. And iNatting has morphed into an obsession, addiction, passion, love, way of life
So that now, as of yesterday just shy of five years later I posted my 10,000th observation. And I am so very thankful for Sam pushing me to make those first observations. I have made many new friends, some of whom I spend a lot of time with. And have explored areas of Texas I probably never would have gone. And seen things I know I never would have seen.
So, here’s to iNat, all the creators and designers and pushers. Look forward to the next 10,000 and beyond.

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August 11, 2015

My love for iNat

I love this site, app, tool, thing called iNaturalist. Okay I cannot compete with the love that my friend Sam Kieschnick among others has for it. But I really do.
I love the ability to record and track my observations. I love the ability to learn about things that I had no idea about before. I love learning more about something I thought I knew a little about. I particularly love being able to find out where I can go to track down something that has recently come to my attention. I love the community of nature nerds that it brings together. Sam calls it facebook for nature people.
I even love the competition. As an example there are two Odonates that I learned about a couple months ago that I really wanted to see for myself. I have been trying to figure out where to search and could i find time to drive to where they would be. They are not found, at least regularly in the DFW area, have to go to east TX. So a few weeks ago on my dashboard I see that Sam has made a trip to a WMA and has photos of both of them. This simply wont do. He wasn't even at the presentation where I heard about them.
I am now not only jealous but competitiveness sets in that I have got to be able to say I saw them too. Now I will never even try to compete with Sam on plants. But, dragonflies! I got into them a year before he did. The gauntlet has been thrown down.
So last Friday finally able to get away a friend and i headed to Gus Engeling WMA. Got one of the two for sure and I am certain i saw the other though I didn't get a photo to be able to confirm. And Sam always says if you don't have a photo it doesn't count on iNat. LOL.
Oh well I saw a baby alligator and he didn't.

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