The success of sewing just not only hidden in the techniques of sewing or in a good sewing machine for beginners but it also lies in how you prepare the fabric for the sewing? In preparation the first thing that popped into our minds is pre-washing. As a beginner first thing you need to know about sewing is to know about the pre-washing.

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1 - To Keep it Soft

Cotton is kind of a tough material to deal with and before you start sewing it, make sure you are pre-washing it. The best way to pre-wash the cotton is to wash it in the slightly high-temperature water. If you want to save your project from shrinking in the future then you must at least wash it more than one time.

The temperature of the water must be 30 degrees or 40 degrees. If you will wash the fabric multiple time then it will be soft and later it won’t shrink anymore.

2 - ZigZag

When you are washing wool or some kind of fabric which is going to tangled then always cut the edges of the fabric in a zigzag shape. If you will the edges in this way then at the time of washing and when you will soak the fabric then it won’t be a problem for you and will be easy to complete the process.

Make sure you are not cutting more than a half-inch as this is going to waste your fabric. Before you are about to pre-wash anything, read the instructions on it and follow them. Use cold water when you are washing anything other than cotton.

3 - Silk Washing

Every fabric comes up with the different instructions and you have to follow them before you start using it. Silk is a delicate fabric and when you are pre-washing and you don’t have time to hand wash it then it’s better to send it for dry cleaning. It’s not recommended to use the washing machine for the pre-washing of silk garments because there will be tearing.

At the time of washing silk never use bleach as well. When you are washing silk then never use the washing machine and always try to wash it by hand or keep it in the water for an hour to prepare it for the stitching.

4 - Sewing Machine Lint

Do you know what will happen to your sewing machine if you will use the fabric without pre-washing? At the time of pre-washing the fabric you can see that in the basket there will be small furs or thread pieces floating. You can see this more in the wool or linen. The fuzz of the clothes are harmful to your sewing machine and to save your machine you should always pre-wash.

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If you will not pre-wash the fabric then the fuzz will enter into your sewing machine and will create the lint inside it, it will also affect the performance and durability of the sewing machine.

5 - Quilting Fabric

When you are pre-washing a fabric before quilting then uses the cold water. Many people like to use patches for the quilting without washing but this is going to mess up with your quilt if you will wash it after the quilting. Your project will be shrink and cotton batting will be in the worse condition. It’s better if you always wash the fabric before the quilting.

If you like to use the vintage style then you don’t have to iron the patches after washing, you can just start sewing it once they are dry. For the quilt after preparing it, it’s recommended to choose the option of dry cleaning as compared to the washing machine. The washing machine may make the stitches weak and you have to mend the places from where the quilt is getting weak.

6 - Voile or Lawn

It’s extremely important to shrink the voile or lawn fabric when you are about to sew it. The voile and lawn fabric don’t require so much of your time and effort. Just dip the fabric into the cold water and let it be for few hours. You can use the dryer to remove the wrinkles from the fabric If you don’t want to use the iron. In this way, your fabric will be ready to get stitched.

With the help of the dryer, you can remove the lines which will appear after drying due to the pre-washing. It’s important to keep a check on your clothes and adopt small techniques.

7 - Know About Content

The first thing you should keep in your mind before you start pre-washing the clothes for the sewing purpose, always know about the content. You can see at the back or at some corner of the garment there is a small note stitched with the fabric. Always read that note because it consists of important information about the fabric and how you need to wash or iron it.

It would be better for you and for your project to follow the instructions. In case if you are not following the instructions then the appearance of the garment will be ruined and you will leave with the messy fabric. It’s highly recommended to know about the content and about the fabric as well.

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The one thing which should be in the mind of every sewer is to take care of the clothing from which you are about to create something. These few ways to pre-wash the fabric are essential and based on the nature of every garment.

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