Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Accidental adventive 2022-05-27 text If known, describe how adventive species came to be in this location
Rearing viability 2022-05-27 text Apply to an observation dated as of collection, not emergence! If you collect an insect to rear (leafminer, gall inducer, etc), was it collected at the right time such that the insect could finish maturing and emerge, or was the collection date off?
BOAT TRANSECT | Comprimento - Length 2022-05-26 text Data in meters (m)
Length22 2022-05-26 text
What building did this bird strike? 2022-05-26 text Building name, street address, or description is helpful.
Describe the facade where the bird was found. 2022-05-26 text i.e. "By large glass windows by north entrance" or "underneath skyway bridge"
On what side of the building did you find the bird? 2022-05-26 text
What building did the bird collide with? 2022-05-26 text (building name, street address, or description is helpful)
Artema atlanta 2022-05-26 taxon
Crayfish length 2022-05-26 numeric length from rosterum (nose) to back. not including claws or tail. in mm
Deformed Shell? 2022-05-26 text Is there a healed crack, notch, something out of the ordinary?
Ectoparasites on Shell? 2022-05-26 text i.e. Barnacles
Cracked/Damaged Shell 2022-05-26 text
Limbs Intact 2022-05-26 text
Tail Intact 2022-05-26 text
Site of Terrapin Observation 2022-05-25 text Where in that section was the observation made?
Nest Protected (if observed nesting) 2022-05-25 text If the terrapin was observed nesting, was a cage put over the nest?
Verbascum from Thessaly with heart-shaped leaves 2022-05-25 text It could be a new species
partial veil presence 2022-05-25 text is there evidence of a partial veil?
Section of Causeway 2022-05-25 text
Turtle Condition 2022-05-25 text
Observation from public or private land? 2022-05-24 text
Site Hydrology 2022-05-24 text Site designation. Wetlands designation based on classification system from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Andromorph 2022-05-24 numeric female mimicking male
Level of Fear 2022-05-23 text
Summer 2022 Section 007 2022-05-23 text
What flower is the bee pollinating? 2022-05-23 text
Flower identification 2022-05-23 text What flower is the bee pollinating?
Date of blooming flower 2022-05-22 date Date picture was taken
Forewing melanin pattern (Heliconius butterfly) 2022-05-22 text
New observation field