Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Densidad / Densité 2021-05-12 text Densidad aproximada de los individuos en la localidad observada / Densité approximative d'individus dans la localité observée
on Rhus 2021-05-12 text Rhus
on Pedicularis 2021-05-12 text Pedicularis
on Persicaria perfoliata 2021-05-12 text Persicaria perfoliata
GANADO-EN-PARCELA 2021-05-11 text S/N
FUERA-CENSO 2021-05-11 text S/N
Venenoso 2021-05-11 text
on Coreanomecon hylomeconoides 2021-05-11 text Coreanomecon hylomeconoides
tipologia 2021-05-10 text descrivi se ti trovi in un impianto produttivo, un frutteto "casalingo", o osservi una pianta isolata
on Rosa rugosa 2021-05-10 text Rosa rugosa
Ambient 2021-05-09 text Segons les classificacions del curs
tree slime flux 2021-05-08 text describe the slime flux if you like; description, see https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/leipzig-riverside-forest/journal/51176-observation-field-tree-seedlings-tree-slime-flux
Anther Color 2021-05-08 text
Houseplant 2021-05-08 text indoors with open windows through winter, outdoor in spring/summer
Gravid (ovigerous or berried) female? 2021-05-07 text Female carrying eggs
on Viola 2021-05-07 text Viola
on Trigonotis 2021-05-07 text Trigonotis
植物與授粉者 2021-05-07 text 針對臺灣CNC活動-訪花者與他們的產地
on Lespedeza 2021-05-07 text Lespedeza
on Veronica anagallis-aquatica 2021-05-07 text Veronica anagallis-aquatica
on Raphanus 2021-05-07 text Raphanus
Nombre d’individus d’âge indéterminé 2021-05-06 text Lorsque vous n'être pas en mesure de déterminer l'âge
What is it growing on? 2021-05-06 text A tree stump
Image scale 2021-05-06 text Indicates whether the images in an observation include landscape scale or species scale photographs
Rescued and released 2021-05-06 text To study the rescued animals.
DAO number 2021-05-06 text David Orlovich's collecting numbers
Carapace pits 2021-05-06 text Evidence of carapace pits between costal scutes
Grau de naturalització 2021-05-05 text Segons Aymerich i Sáez (2019) o Base de Dades Exocat
Did you see symptoms of bleeding cankers? 2021-05-05 text Red alder trees often have 'bleeding' cankers at the base of the tree. Please indicate if there were discolored areas on the bark near the base, or whether there were droplets resembling bleeds.
Tree canopy symptoms - Red Alder 2021-05-05 text Please indicate the type of tree/tree canopy symptoms (e.g. if you can see through the canopy more than normal, please indicate 'thinning'. Similarly, please indicate if the tree has a dead top or if the tree canopy is browning.
New observation field