Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Plant Phenology - Life Stage 05-22-2024 text Is this plant blooming, budding, fruiting, setting seed, leafing out, leafed out, bare, or other?
Oxalis features 05-22-2024 text Features of Oxalis worth recording - a free field.
2nd Mycomap BLAST 05-22-2024 text For observations with multiple loci or otherwise need additional Mycomap BLAST searches. Insert a URL
Poa bulbosa infrataxa 05-20-2024 text
Pesticides Use 05-20-2024 text
Viburnum Opulus 05-20-2024 text specie di pianta da fiore
Parque estudiantil 05-19-2024 text Parque con fines educativos o de centros educativos
Interaction with 05-19-2024 text Any organism its interacting with?
Territorial Marker 05-19-2024 text Animal deposited strong-smelling substances contained in urine, feces, or, from a scent gland.
Use 05-18-2024 text
Type of tile 05-18-2024 text
Campanulastrum americanum floral variation 05-18-2024 text Identifying regional trends in tall bellflower
bamboo's culm sheath observed 05-18-2024 text the culm sheaths of bamboo are strongly modified leaves growing directly on the main culm. They embrace de culm and have a little, reduced blade at the top.
diameter (cm) 05-18-2024 numeric indicate the approximate diameter in cm
Height classes (0-30 m / 12 classes) 05-18-2024 text the estimated average height of the population (in meters)
habitat type (urban, rural, natural) 05-18-2024 text Is the habitat urbanised / anthropic ? It is rural (agricultural impact notable) ? Or it is rather wild/natural ?
DSF Plant Association (2nd) 05-17-2024 text Please enter iNat URL of plant observation
Surface texture 05-17-2024 text Please describe the texture of the lichen
Lichen Type 05-17-2024 text
Additional Description 05-17-2024 text Add any details to help identify
# fruiting bodies within 1 m 05-17-2024 numeric 1 or more
Macrofungal surface 05-17-2024 text How does it appear - dry or wet - select best option
Macrofungal Type 05-17-2024 text General type of macrofungus
Snag/Tree Species 05-17-2024 text Name of host tree or shrub species
Macrofungal Substrate 05-17-2024 text Where is the fungus growing?
Fungal Form 05-17-2024 text Describe the shape of the fungus
Observed Habitat 05-16-2024 text What was the habitat where the individual(s) was/were observed
Frog/Toad Abundance 05-16-2024 text Please indicate the abundance of frogs/toads
Varieties 05-16-2024 text Classification of G. carneus varieties and closely related taxa
藥用 05-15-2024 text
New observation field