Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Eastern Hemlock 06-10-2024 text Small Grove of Mature Trees
Honeybee present 06-10-2024 text evident
Above/below ground 06-09-2024 text Is the observation of a plant above-ground near the soil core site, or a plant from below-ground that germinated from the soil core? Choose "above" or "below" from the drop-down menu.
urban habitat 06-09-2024 text
Bosco 06-09-2024 text
Location_Name 06-08-2024 text Use the same location name as in the citsci project
americanus_form 06-08-2024 text distinctive morphological forms within the species Habronattus americanus
Eriophora polymorphism 06-07-2024 text field created for tracking observations of morphs of Eriophora
BdP->Ecological_Interaction->Flower Visitor 06-07-2024 taxon
Linked Key 06-06-2024 text
Sea Level 06-06-2024 numeric (cm)
Possible taxonomic classification | posición taxonomica probable 06-06-2024 text
Host observation Gallformers Code 06-04-2024 text Use only on host plant observations to indicate an undescribed gall species visible in the photos. Same code choices as Gallformers Code (which is for the gall organism itself).
Impaled Insect 06-04-2024 text Has the insect accidentally impaled itself on a sharp object?
Unit 06-03-2024 text
Specimen Code 06-03-2024 text Specimen ID code
Number of woad plants 06-03-2024 text Give an estimate of the size of the woad patch
Is woad clearly visible in the photo? 06-03-2024 text Does the photo clearly show woad in any of it's life or decay stages?
Pulse frequency (Hz) 06-03-2024 numeric For Orthoptera, the number of pulses per second of call
Pulses Per Chirp 06-03-2024 numeric In orthoptera, the average number of pulses per chirp
Chirp frequency (Hz) 06-03-2024 numeric For orthoptera, the number of chirps per second
Plant species fed on by flying-fox (genus Pteropus) Y/N 06-03-2024 text Observed plant species was fed on by flying-fox (genus Pteropus).
Land - Conservation (Roo Corridor) 06-03-2024 text Portion of 160 Woodlands Rd, Porongerup between the creek & remnant bushland to allow wildlife access to water classified conservation.
Land - Conservation (Creek) 06-03-2024 text Portion of 160 Woodlands Rd, Porongerup surrounding the creek classified conservation.
Land - Settled 06-03-2024 text Portion of 160 Woodlands Rd, Porongerup previously settled.
Dominant frequency (kHz) 06-02-2024 numeric Dominant frequency of organism call
Montainge face 06-02-2024 text
Weed - Retain 06-02-2024 text
BdP->Ecological_Interaction->Abund 06-02-2024 numeric
Dytiscidae Larval Instar 06-01-2024 text Dytiscid larval instars including those exhibiting prepupation behaviours (i.e. found on land).
New observation field